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Photon Blaster: Be Smart - Be seen

Finally, there's very effective, affordable and easy to install front visibility lighting system for your motorcycle.

The Photon Blaster is an extremely bright, highly conspicuous lighting system designed to mount on the front forks of your motorcycle. Its brightness and unique flicker dramatically increase your motorcycle's visibility to approaching traffic.

The Photon Blaster features:

  • extremely bright LEDs, available in high-viz yellow or intense white
  • conspicuity flicker - unique, patented feature maximizes your visibility to other drivers, especially when they are not paying attention
  • new ALERT! feature - flashes an extremely noticeable alert sequence to oncoming traffic when you tap your brakes twice
  • turn signal option - helps ensure oncoming traffic knows your intentions (with yellow version only)
  • expandable - you can add extra LED modules (Photon Boosters)
  • universal lamp drive capability - convert your motorcycle's existing turn signals into bright marker lights
  • fully compatible with BMW and other brand's CANbus system

Many motorists find motorcycles hard to see. Not only are they much smaller than cars but their single headlight often gets lost in the background. Drivers are subconsciously looking out for other cars, and even when they see a motorcycle, it often doesn't really register and gets ignored. It is also hard for many drivers to judge the closing speed and distance of a motorcycle as they see only a single, small point of light for reference.

The Photon Blaster is specifically designed to overcome these factors and to maximize the visibility of your motorcycle. The Photon Blaster adds two high-intensity yellow or white LED light bars on either side of your front wheel. The brilliant lights help your motorcycle stand out and the extra, distinct lights arranged in a triangular pattern with the headlight help oncoming drivers judge how far away you are and how fast you're approaching.

Conspicuity Flicker (Protected by US Patent No. 7,928,660)
A unique, patented and extremely effective feature of the Photon Blaster is their exclusive conspicuity flicker. This dramatically increases your bike's visibility compared to normal running lights. The flicker rate has been chosen such that it maximizes your motorcycle's visibility, without being distracting. Utilizing a high-speed microprocessor and fast-acting, high-intensity LEDs, our conspicuity flicker takes advantage of the difference in the persistence of vision of the human eye's central field of view compared to its peripheral view. The result is that the Photon Blaster LEDs appear to flicker when viewed out of the corner of the eye, yet when viewed directly they appear to be on continuously. The net result is that the Photon Blaster gets the attention of drivers who are not paying attention, a huge safety advantage in today's driving environment.

ALERT! feature
Our unique ALERT! feature allows you to rapidly modulate the brightness of the LEDs when you really need to be noticed.
As a motorcyclist you hope oncoming traffic sees you when you approach a busy intersection, a car paused at a crossroad ahead on a rainy day, or a long line of commuters driving toward you on your way home at dusk. With our ALERT! feature, rather than just hoping they see you, you can take action. Just tap your brakes twice within one second and the Photon Blaster's LED modules instantly respond with a brief, but highly conspicuous flashing sequence, like 4-way flashers on overdrive. The sequence takes less than two seconds, but you've just greatly improved your likelihood of being seen. Normal application of the brakes or a single tap will not trigger the ALERT! sequence, so it has no effect on your usual riding style.
Note: the horn, high beam, or a separate pushbutton may also be used to trigger the ALERT feature.

Turn Signal Option
The PB-TS model adds a second channel, allowing independent control of the left and right LED modules. Simply connect the extra two input wires on the controller to your bike's turn signal wires using the included T-taps, and the Photon Blaster's super bright amber LED modules now mimic your turn signals and 4-way flashers.
The TS controller can also power the vehicle's existing turn signals, turning them into bright marker lights, and if these are LED turn signals, they will also inherit the conspicuity flicker of the Photon Blaster's LED modules.
Note that the turn signal option is only available with yellow LEDs.

Low Power, High Brightness
Unlike high power halogen lamps, the highly efficient and incredibly bright Photon Blaster LEDs consume only 2.5 watts, less than 3% of what other auxiliary lights draw. The low current draw of the design requires no relay, and because the lights come on with the ignition, no power switch is needed.

In addition to powering the included pair of Photon Booster LED modules, the Photon Blaster system can be expanded by adding additional Photon Boosters or other marker lights. The Photon Blaster can supply up to 6 amps of current, while the Photon Blaster-TS system can supply a total of 3 amps per side. Our LED modules draw 0.15amps, so this equates to 40 LED modules for the non-TS controller and 20 modules per side for the TS model.

Turn Signal Conversion The Photon Blaster-TS model can be connected to your bike's existing turn signals, turning them into bright marker lights. If the turn signals are LEDs, it also provides them with our unique, patented, and high effective conspicuity flicker. Note: to prevent lamp-out and fast-flash errors a load resistor may be needed from the turn signal lamp to ground. For LED turn signals, see the Load Resistors link in the menu on the left of this page.

The Photon Blaster system has been designed for quick and easy installation. Click on the Installation link on the left for more information.

A video demonstrating the features of the Photon Blaster may be viewed here:

For an independent review of our Photon Blaster, please see:

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